The Board

Today's SPIRE Working Board steers all our initiatives.

Selected from a pool of extremely well-qualified candidates, they enrich our offerings and community with their individual successes, diverse perspectives + exemplary skills. Combined, they epitomize the whole is greater than the sum of its parts as they navigate the opportunities and challenges in our industry today and set us up to be the innovators of tomorrow.

All hail from Stanford, and all bring an eagerness to contribute. We are grateful to have these leaders at the helm charting our course.

  • Preferred Name: Jeff

    Last Name: Jacobson

    Job Title: Retired CEO

    Company Name: LaSalle Investment Management

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Board Chairman

  • Preferred Name: Hanns

    Last Name: Lee

    Job Title: Senior Managing Director

    Company Name: Hines

1 Results

Board President

  • Preferred Name: Loryn

    Last Name: Arkow

    Job Title: Partner

    Company Name: Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP

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Board Secretary

  • Preferred Name: Hana

    Last Name: Hardy Gunther

    Job Title: Sr. Deputy City Attorney

    Company Name: City of San Jose

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Board Treasurer

  • Preferred Name: Gary

    Last Name: Beasley

    Job Title: Co-Founder & CEO

    Company Name: Roofstock

  • Preferred Name: Wayne

    Last Name: Brandt

    Job Title: Founder & Managing Partner

    Company Name: Capital Funding Partners

  • Preferred Name: Travis

    Last Name: Duncan

    Job Title: VP of Development

    Company Name: DECA Companies

  • Preferred Name: Melinda

    Last Name: Ellis Evers

    Job Title: Co-Founder & Managing Principal

    Company Name: Ellis Partners

  • Preferred Name: Peter

    Last Name: Griffin

    Job Title: Litigation Partner

    Company Name: Allen Matkins LLP

  • Preferred Name: Shallene

    Last Name: Gross

    Job Title: Managing Director, Investments

    Company Name: Equity Group Investments

  • Preferred Name: Patricio

    Last Name: Gutierrez Tommasi

    Job Title: CEO, COO

    Company Name: Frontier Industrial, Artha Capital

  • Preferred Name: Rodney

    Last Name: Johnson

    Job Title: Vice President, Regional Manager - Real Estate Transactions

    Company Name: JPMorgan Chase Bank

  • Preferred Name: Mona

    Last Name: Li

    Job Title: Sr. Development Associate

    Company Name: Essence Development Company

  • Preferred Name: Chris

    Last Name: Mahowald

    Job Title: Managing Partner

    Company Name: RSF Partners

  • Preferred Name: Meris

    Last Name: Ota

    Job Title: Sr. Vice President

    Company Name: Trammell Crow Company

  • Preferred Name: Brian

    Last Name: Patterson

    Job Title: Founder

    Company Name: White Star Real Estate, Katalyst Education

  • Preferred Name: Andy

    Last Name: Richard

    Job Title: Sr. Managing Director

    Company Name: Evercore

  • Preferred Name: Charlie

    Last Name: Rose

    Job Title: Managing Director Global Head of Real Estate Credit and President of the Invesco Commercial Real Estate Finance Trust

    Company Name: Invesco

  • Preferred Name: Maya

    Last Name: Theuer

    Job Title: CEO

    Company Name: Redwood Residential

  • Preferred Name: Ken

    Last Name: Woolley

    Job Title: Founder & Executive Chairman

    Company Name: Extra Space Storage

16 Results

Student Board Member

  • Preferred Name: Dave

    Last Name: Steiner

    Company Name: Bain Capital

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