Founding + Emeritus Board Members

Our Founding and Emeritus Board Members are the bedrock of SPIRE.

They had the original vision. They laid the groundwork, created the first events, enrolled our first members, and forged the relationships upon which today's SPIRE continues to be built.

  • Preferred Name: Fred

    Last Name: Allen

    Job Title: Founder Emeritus

    Company Name: Allen Matkins

  • Preferred Name: Wayne

    Last Name: Brandt

    Job Title: Founder & Managing Partner

    Company Name: Capital Funding Partners

  • Preferred Name: David

    Last Name: Butler

    Job Title: Co-CEO & Managing Partner

    Company Name: Argosy Real Estate Partners

  • Preferred Name: Sam

    Last Name: Freshman

    Job Title: Chairman

    Company Name: Standard Management Company

  • Preferred Name: Chad

    Last Name: Hagle

    Job Title: CEO

    Company Name: Aventine Development Corporation

  • Preferred Name: David

    Last Name: Knowles

    Job Title: Managing Director

    Company Name: Stanfield Partners

  • Preferred Name: Patrick

    Last Name: Orosco

    Job Title: Co-Managing Partner

    Company Name: The Orosco Group

  • Preferred Name: Stephen

    Last Name: Roulac

    Job Title: President, CEO

    Company Name: Roulac Global

  • Preferred Name: Andy

    Last Name: Walburger

    Job Title: Sr. Director, Account Management

    Company Name: Juniper Square

  • Preferred Name: Carol

    Last Name: Wyant

    Job Title: President

    Company Name: Pathfinder Consulting

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