Student Leaders

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Future of Cities Club

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  • Name: Alexander Michalatos

  • Name: Rae Oakley

    Job Title: Summer Associate

    Company Name: DECA Companies

  • Name: Justin Ziegler

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GSB Real Estate Club

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  • Name: Daniel Huf

  • Name: Eshan Jay

  • Name: Samy Labbouz

  • Name: Adam Long

  • Name: Amanda McLean

  • Name: Andrei Molchynsky

  • Name: David Steiner

    Job Title: Associate

    Company Name: Bain Capital

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Leaders of the Built Environment

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  • Name: Daniel Duque Hoyos

    Job Title: Project Engineer, Assistant Project Manager

    Company Name: Sogea Nord-Quest

  • Name: Cesar Portocarrero

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Stanford Real Estate Club

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  • Name: Megan Frost

    Job Title: Analyst

    Company Name: Blackstone

  • Name: Carolyn Ky

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