Founding + Emeritus Board Members

Our Founding and Emeritus Board Members are the bedrock of SPIRE.

They had the original vision. They laid the groundwork, created the first events, enrolled our first members, and forged the relationships upon which today's SPIRE continues to be built.

  • Preferred Name: Stephen

    Last Name: Roulac

    Bio: Mr. Roulac has a long and distinguished career in real estate, consulting, business management, economic policy and management, public speaking, teaching, and writing. He is currently the CEO of the Roulac Global, a strategy and financial economics consulting firm that advises senior management and investors concerning complex real estate transactions. With CPA, CMC, AICP certifications, Mr. Roulac has used his broad background in a variety of companies and roles, including as a consultant for Owens-Corning in their Construction and Corporate Planning, a tax consultant for Lybrand, Ross Bros. and Montgomery studying real estate transactions, an Acquisition Auditor for Litton Industries, Inc. and Associate Economist for Urbanomics Research Associate. Mr. Roulac holds an undergraduate degree from Pomona College, and his graduate degrees include an MBA with Distinction from Harvard, a PhD from Stanford's Graduate School of Business, and a JD from University of California Berkeley's Boalt School of Law.