Stanford Alumni Real Estate Council (SREC)

Our SREC Members are best in-class.

Established leaders in real estate and the built environment, they come together with their peers and fellow alums to inspire and challenge one another to move their industries forward. They collaborate, support each other, and equally important, have fun together.

SREC members develop the minds that will shape the built environment of tomorrow with their financial support of SPIRE and their vital role in its student initiatives.

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  • Name: Mario J. Palumbo

    Job Title: Managing Partner

    Company Name: Millennium Partners and MPLA

  • Name: Gabriela Parcella

    Job Title: Managing Partner

    Company Name: Merlone Geier Partners

  • Name: Brian Patterson

    Job Title: Founder

    Company Name: White Star Real Estate

  • Name: Andrea Nicholas Perdue

    Job Title: CEO

    Company Name: Wagonhound

  • Name: Cuauhtémoc Pérez

    Job Title: Chief Executive Officer

    Company Name: hi:hab

  • Name: Tricia Peterson

    Job Title: Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer

    Company Name: Accord Group Holdings

  • Name: Melissa Pianko

    Job Title: Managing Director

    Company Name: The Blackstone Group

  • Name: Lauren Pressman

    Job Title: Director of Investments, Real Estate

    Company Name: Hillspire LLC

  • Name: Wendy Pryce

    Job Title: Managing Director

    Company Name: Nuveen

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