Student Resources

Real Estate / Built Environment Competitions

ULI Hines Student Competition

Registration in November

Duration: Up to 3 months

Each team must be composed of five graduate students. The team members must represent a minimum of three disciplines that grant three different degrees, one of which must be a non-design-related discipline.

Bank of America Low Income Housing Challenge

Registration in January

Duration: 3 months

SPIRE recommends each team include individuals with finance, architecture, planning, and policy backgrounds. Stanford currently has one team participating.

NAIOP Silicon Valley Case Study Competition (Undergrad students only)

Registration in January

Duration: 3 weeks

Stanford participated for the first time this year (2024) (undergrad Real Estate Club formed a team). Nelson attended the presentation by all the teams participating, while the Stanford Team did a great job, they unfortunately did not win.

NAIOP Golden Shovel Competition  (Graduate students only)

Registration in January, Kickoff early February

Duration: 10 weeks

Annual competition between Stanford and Cal. Cal has frequently had better resources and more real estate knowledge, particularly with an increasing number of students in the MRED program.