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Stanford Alumni Real Estate Council (SREC)

Emerging Leaders (EL)

Our SREC EL Members are the future.

Emerging leaders in the industry, they come together with their like-minded peers and fellow alums to accelerate their careers. They network, learn together, exchange ideas, and build year-round and lifetime connections.

Found in all aspects of real estate and the built environment, their ideas and actions are changing the industry.

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  • Preferred Name: Satej

    Last Name: Desai

    Degree String (Type, Year): (MS '14)

    Job Title: Development & Preconstruction Manager

    Company Name: Nvidia

    Bio: Originally born and raised through a British schooling system in Zimbabwe, Satej emigrated to the US in 2009. Completing his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering at Santa Clara University & his graduate degree in Real Estate & Construction from Stanford University, he has always had a keen interest in the built environment. Satej has been working in the development space for more than 15 years on both the general contractor’s & owner’s side. He has specializes in data center development honing his skills, most recently at Meta & later Nvidia’s datacenter group. On a personal note, he has leveraged those skills in the residential real estate space for personal investments & flip properties. Satej's background has allowed him to meet multiple people from different walks of life. One of his strengths is his ability to form trusting partnerships with diverse groups. These personality traits in addition to his technical construction knowledge make Satej a valuable asset to any team.