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Stanford Alumni Real Estate Council (SREC)

Emerging Leaders (EL)

Our SREC EL Members are the future.

Emerging leaders in the industry, they come together with their like-minded peers and fellow alums to accelerate their careers. They network, learn together, exchange ideas, and build year-round and lifetime connections.

Found in all aspects of real estate and the built environment, their ideas and actions are changing the industry.

Interested in becoming an SREC EL member? Inquire Here.

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  • Preferred Name: Julia

    Last Name: Lambert

    Job Title: Associate

    Company Name: RET Ventures

  • Preferred Name: Foster

    Last Name: Langsdorf

    Job Title: Associate - Real Estate Investment Banking

    Company Name: Evercore

  • Preferred Name: Mona

    Last Name: Li

    Job Title: Sr. Development Associate

    Company Name: Essence Development Company

  • Preferred Name: Pitch

    Last Name: Lindsay

    Job Title: Director

    Company Name: Kinfolk Properties

  • Preferred Name: Jason

    Last Name: Lopata

    Job Title: Development Manager

    Company Name: LBPM

  • Preferred Name: Jenna

    Last Name: Louie

    Job Title: Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer

    Company Name: Ivory Innovations

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